Shopping Guide

How do I know my order on the web is confirmed?

You will be sent an 'order confirmation email' by the system automatically after you completed the ordering procedures.

You will receive a 'transaction confirmation email' by the system automatically once you confirmed and completed the payment process.

All customer shall enter into their address to ensure the received of all emails from and not misplace at spam or junk email.

If the customer encounters any difficult, please contact Geheimnis during office hour at (852) 2794 0888 or email to


Why buy from    

-100% 'No-fakes' products

-Professional and quick customer service     


How do I shop online? 

Below are simple steps for shopping online with Geheimnis Eshop:

  1. Use searching engine to search your targeted items;
  2. Press “Add to Cart” on the product page;
  3. Targeted product shown as selected product in Shopping Cart;
  4. Press “Check Out”;
  5. Provide credit card information, delivery address and etc.;
  6. Receive confirmation notice via email as completion of transaction

#  If you are a returning customer, you will be prompted to login by providing your email address and password. If you forgot your password, click 'forgot password' to retrieve your hint.


Do I need to pay import tax/duties?  

Customers are advised to check with local tax bureau regarding the relevant tax issue before you proceed with shopping online. It is always different from country to country on import tax and it would be subject to local tax bureau of the country. Geheimnis E-Shop is not responsible for any import tax. If the order is refused due to customs tax and/or duties issues, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges and administration fee of 15% of the total product purchase price.

For China region order, if the order is refused due to customs tax and/or duties issues, tax can be borne by customers.


How can we change the personal information in our membership profile?  

Please follow the below steps to change your personal information:

  1. Login to "Online member login" (using the email address registered with us)
  2. Click on "Member information"
  3. Click on "Edit personal information"
  4. Overtype on the fields you would like to change and click "submit"


How to use the coupons?    

To use the coupons and/or promotion code, you need to:

  1. Login to "Online member login" (using the email address registered with us)
  2. Click on "Coupons and/or promotion code"
  3. Please input coupon codes and/or promotion code
  4.   Click on "Submit"
  5. You could select the coupons at your shopping cart in next purchasing and click "Use"


I forget the login password, what should I do? 

Customer can click 'Forget Password' near the login position and then fill in his/her registered email address which we can send back a password to it.

If the login name and the registered email address is changed, customer need to register again.


What is the latest promotion and offer?   

To provide customers with more savings and benefits at, we offer a variety of promotions and special offers regularly. For the most updated special offers, Please click "What news" section.


Delivery Policy can make delivery outside HK? offers delivery service to Hong Kong. Delivery service for China and most countries or cities will be noticed to the customer through email.

Customer need to provide full mailing address to avoid delay of delivery or extra charges incurred. reserves the right to charge back customers who do not provide full complete mailing address and in turn causing delayed delivery and extra charges.

Customer needs to notice below:

We promised to deliver on time and to the instructed destination according to provided address. However, if customer do not provide correct accurate mailing address on purchase and the delivery is delayed or lost, Geheimnis will also charge customer all the charges incurred without any legal responsibilities and boundaries.

If stocks are out, we will inform customer as quick as we can, and arrange delayed delivery, products change or rebate if necessary.

If stocks are damaged, transformed, broken, rotten or any changes due to long distance delivery which is out of our control, the responsibility does not go to Geheimnis and we have not any legal responsibilities.


Could we collect the products at Geheimnis retail stores after we made an order on web?      

Yes, customer could collect all purchases from at any Geheimnis designated shops within 14 days.


How do I calculate the free shipping charge?   

Hong Kong

Free shipping will be provided for new and existing member.

An extra charge of HK$30 will be applied if the customer’s delivery address is outside the regular delivery zone and/or remote area.

Any purchase outside Hong Kong’s region such as China and/or overseas, exact shipping fee will be calculated and emailed to the customer for confirmation.

Please refer to Shipping and Delivery for more details.


How to calculate delivery costs?

Customer needs to notice the 'packing space calculation method' during purchase. The method is used to calculate the space occupied in the packing box when an ordered item is put into your shopping bag.


Is there any special handling procedure for the undeliverable parcel? 

Occasionally orders are returned to us as incorrect address, a PO Box / Hotel address, failed delivery attempts, refuse to pay tax or parcel refused by recipient.

When the delivery agent returns an undeliverable parcel to us, we will deduct 15% of the value of products as handling fee.

We can re-ship orders that are returned to us as undeliverable or unclaimed. However, customers are required to bear the reshipping fee.

* Re-shipping fee is based on the original shipping method used for your purchase.


What is the shipping way for the oversea orders?   

For all oversea orders, the shipping ways of different orders may vary due to such factors as different countries import rules or shipping arrangements. If the order assigned to be sent by non-registered post, a signature is not required for delivery and tracking is not available. Geheimnis E shop cannot accept any claims for loss or damage. The responsibility does not go to Geheimnis and we have not any legal responsibilities.


Why should I pay the shipping fee different even though I provided a correct address?

Occasionally orders cannot be dispatched due to the incorrect entry of the address region from customers. To avoid any delay of the parcel delivery, customers are required to ensure your address region at your shopping cart in purchasing before checkout. Customers who choose the incorrect address region are required to pay the shipping fee different before we dispatch the parcel. If customers reject to settle the shipping fee different or cancel the order, we will deducting 5% of the value of products as handling fee. Geheimnis will notice customers by email once the incorrect entry of the address region from customer.


Are all products from Geheimnis are originals?

Geheimnis is a newly developing brand in Hong Kong. We will not allow any illegal trade to harm our reputations.

Selling fake products are illegal and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government prohibits it seriously. particularly serves customers who are experienced and familiar with our products. We assume customers know about the functionality of the purchased. The photos on web are for reference only. Geheimnis reserves all rights of final conclusions for any disputes or disagreements.


Are the prices of the products from, Geheimnis retail outlets and authorized representatives are completely the same with the price of product on the web?       

All Geheimnis’s products are under recommended retail price. Any discount and/or promotion offer will be officially announced through “What news” in

All authorized representative has/have entered an agency agreement with Geheimnis’s agent code. No discount will be offered through representative. prices may vary in different delivery regions, please select the correct delivery region to avoid orders canceled or any administrative charges. 


Are your goods fresh? Could you provide the manufacture date of the products?     

Freshness of our products is guaranteed as we keep all our stock in a temperature controlled environment prior to shipping and subject to regular quality control checks. The production date of the products are confidential internal information, we could not provide customers a specified products production date.


What happened if products are out of stock on    

If products cannot be found on web, this may due to out of stock or we are not able to provide the products temporarily. However, we will keep updating and ordering of new stocks to upload to the web.


Is it safe for disclosing my credit card number and personal info? 

Shopping on is safe and secure. We use SSL encryption to keep your information safe, and we never distribute your personal information to 3rd-party vendors.


Is there any transaction amount limit?      

Yes, the transaction minimum amount limit is HKD 10 / USD 2 for each order.


What is the different for the transaction prices and reference prices?  

For orders deliver to Hong Kong or China Region, transactions will be settled in Hong Kong dollars. For orders deliver to locations outside Hong Kong or China, transactions will be settled in US dollars. Reference prices in other currencies are for reference only.


What methods of payment do you accept?      

Customers can choose to settle by credit card (including VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS via Paypal and/or PayDollar)

Payment on account of Paypal :

Paypal offers a payment channel for transferring money on email basis. Anyone with a Paypal account is able to transfer money via email by credit card or directly from bank account.  Using Paypal for your online settlement, customers must have your Paypal account in advance.  Please visit Paypal official website for details.

*Products and deliveries are charged at US Dollar.

Payment through PayDollar

PayDollar is a leading, secure and reliable international payment service provider to banks and online merchants since 2000. Customers' payment details are securely transmitted to the acquiring bank, card and payment companies for real-time transaction authorisation using 256-bit Extended Validation Certificates (EV) SSL transaction encryption. PayDollar supports CVV/CVC checking as well as 3-D secure authentication of Visa (Verified By VISA) and MasterCard (MasterCard SecureCode) for added security protection for both customers and merchant.

Direct deposit to Geheimnis’s bank account. Customer needs to forward the deposit slip and personal information to for verification.

Refund Policy

Refund is not available upon successful purchase of the item.

If the customer encounters any difficult, please contact Geheimnis during office hour at (852) 2794 0888 or email to


Why I have to provide a copy of the credit card front occasionally?     

To protect credit card holders from being a victim of credit card fraud, Geheimnis eShop may request the buyer to provide a copy of the credit card front as a means to validate the authenticity of the credit card.


Will "Cash On Delivery" be accepted on  

All payment methods need customers to pay first before delivery, no "Cash On Delivery" is allowed.


How can I know the Geheimnis retail stores information?      

Please refer to the following website for details of our dedicated retail outlets:


How can I know my ordering status? 

You may click Login >> Member area >> Order Information >> Detail to check the ordering status.


How do I track my ordered items?     

You can check from the link provided through email with the delivery date, postage code and transportation status after we have sent out the products. The messages may be filtered out by your anti-spam software since you haven't added the into your address book. Please add our e-mail address to your address book or contact list.


I received a failure notification email after my order and I make a new order. Why I found both order payments are processed successfully?

After customer filled in delivery details and chose payment methods to confirm order, he/she will receive an email notification to confirm our receipt of your order. Please note the wordings and instructions in the email to avoid duplicated orders and duplicated payments.


Is there any maximum purchase limitation per product? does not authorize the resale of merchandise purchased through To ensure that we are able to serve all of our customers, we have a maximum purchase limitation per product. If customer duplicates to purchase the same item with different orders at once, has the right to cancel the orders and refund the remaining to customer’s account or credit card. If you would like to purchase over 10 units of the same item, please contact us and we will consider to make special arrangement on a case-by-case basis.


May I cancel the order?       

Order cannot be canceled once the payment has been settled successfully. If customers cancel the order before delivery, we will deduct 5% of the value of products as handling fee. (Except products are out of stock) If customers cancel the order after delivery, we will deduct 25% of the value of products as handling fee.     


May I change the order details? 

Product information and delivery information cannot be changed once the order has been paid and confirmed.


What should I do when I First-time purchase on web?    

We recommend that you register and login before you checkout your shopping basket so that you can save your delivery address in "member page" for quicker checkout in the future. Only after successful membership registration and order history, including Order No., Order Details and Order Status, will be saved in your member account.


When can I receive the products I ordered on web?

Customer can check the delivery duration from your country or city according to our Table of delivery time and charges.  Customer can check by email to if he/she found the products deliveries are delayed.

Why I confirm a single order but I received a few emails with different order codes?

If customer refreshes or goes back to previous page from the web page for credit cards payment, the system may generate a new order code.  Therefore, customer should not refresh or goes back to previous page from the payment process web pages to avoid confusion.


Why I haven't received the confirmed payment notification email after I paid? 

In general, the bank needs one working day to notify and confirm us your payment.

We need around 3 working days to confirm your payment if you chose to use bank-in payment method.


Why I received an email for order confirmation before I complete the payment process? 

When customer filled in delivery details and chosen payment methods to confirm orders, the system will generate order codes immediately for record and payment correspondence in an email and notify customers.  The email only serves a record of receipt of your orders, it does not indicate your payment is successful or not, please note the detailed wordings in email.  Customer should receive another email to confirm your payment.


Why my order is still out of stock even though it has been confirmed and paid?

Most of orders would not be out of stock once it has been confirmed and paid. To avoid any delay of product delivery, Geheimnis will notice customers by email once the product is out of stock and organize other arrangement.


Does Geheimnis provide the wholesale, franchise or sole distribution business cooperation? offers wholesale, franchise or sole distribution service for wholesale member. Please se email us at for further discussion.


How to calculate the tax to be charged for wholesale products?   

Customer need to check the tax to be charged by other countries or cities before purchase himself/herself. All wholesale products needed to be paid and picked up in Hong Kong only, Geheimnis will not be responsible for any tax charges calculation or procedures.