About us

Geheimnis lifting potion is a magical story.

Everything was originated from the founder’s faith in overcoming difficulties and perseverance. In her youth, A.R., the founder, had been studying in the UK. As she could not easily acclimatized to the new environment, she had therefore developed severe rosacea. After a long treatment with excessive use of drugs containing chemical substances, rosacea was finally cured. Nevertheless, rosacea has also left deep rolling scars all over her face, and she has become severely allergic to petrochemical based products ever since. A.R. deeply regretted for the scourge of petrochemical products to humanity. However she strongly believed that there must be methods to restore damaged skin so she was determined to develop skincare products without using petrochemical ingredient and testing on animals. After numerous attempts, A.R. finally developed the miraculous "Diamond Secret", and Geheimnis, a unique and highly efficient luxurious skincare brand was officially established in France.


The R&D concept of Geheimnis "Diamond Secret" came from the frustration of the founder A.R. not finding one single anti-aging skincare product that is highly effective, easy to use at the same time hypoallergenic. A.R. observed that the kind of skincare products offered in the market are either very complicated to use or upsetting makeup after use; it is not uncommon to find a product that worked initially but effectiveness lessened with continuous use of the product, or even return to the original condition before the product was used. Target to busy urbanites, Geheimnis "Diamond Secret" is the simplest anti-aging solution to achieve the most satisfactory result. Simply spray, the super fine deluxe ingredients in the formula can easily absorb by layers of skin and have instant effect in the dermis.